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Ivan & Cynthia Garcia

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In 2019, we moved to Sacramento county from San Diego with our two small children to start a new chapter in our lives (Our youngest was only 4 weeks old!). The desire to be closer to our family drove us North and our passion for food fueled this beautiful small business we have built.

Before we started our food truck...

Ivan spent 10 years in The United States Marine Corps where he served 3 tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan, ultimately completing his service as a Sergeant. Afterwards, Ivan went to work in a casual upscale restaurant where his work ethic, ambition and leadership helped him climb the ranks to become the Executive Chef. 

Cynthia obtained her culinary degree in 2006 and has spent all of her adult life working in kitchens across the US, taking her first Sous Chef position at the young age of 19. With 17 years of experience, hard work and passion for excellence Cynthia has managed high performance teams in upscale fine dining establishments as an Executive Chef.

Together with the guidance of mentors and family, our lives have taken us on culinary adventures that inspire us to create dishes that are balanced, ADDICTING & Love at first bite.

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